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St. Barnabas Funding Model

The St. Barnabas Funding Model is an integrated plan that ensures all short and long term financial needs of our parish are adequately met. It provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to funding and funding oversight while ensuring proper accounting and control of parish finances.

At the heart of our funding model is a clear commitment to Stewardship. It is based on our understanding that all we have and all we are is a gift from God – our time, our talent, and our treasure. As this is true for each of us individually as Catholics, it is true for our Catholic community.

Most parish ministries are supported out of parish stewardship income. This includes the ministries served by Spiritual Life, Adult Faith Formation, Marriage and Baptismal Preparation, SPRED, Youth Ministry, Welcoming & Hospitality, Smith Village Transportation, Fall Festival, Coffee Shoppe, and Human Concern initiatives.

In order to keep the commitment to stewardship and to grow our long range financial health, parish fund raising activities are limited to the annual fund raising program in support of our school.

A few parish groups, like the Men's and Women's Clubs, Family School Association, and the School Board offer a wide variety of programs and social events that enrich our Catholic community and strengthen our school. Not all of this programming is covered by our annual parish operating budget. These groups are asked to submit an annual budget which identifies sources of revenue (i.e. fees or social event income) and projected expenses for its ministry. As part of the annual budgeting and planning cycle, the parish staff and auxiliary groups will come together to plan the next year’s parish calendar.

All ministries and organizations, whether they can raise funds or not, submit an annual estimate of their expected expenses so the parish can prepare it's annual budget.

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