Duties of Parish Organizations

All St. Barnabas parish organizations that maintain a checking account must comply with the following Archdiocesan requirements:

  • Submit a copy of the monthly bank reconciliation to the parish Business Manager by the 15th of the following month;
  • Manage organization’s cash activities (deposits & disbursements);
  • Complete an Annual Budget for each organization, summarizing anticipated  income and expense items for the year;
  • Complete an Annual Budget Report for each organization, summarizing budgeted income and expense items;
  • Complete a  Parish Event Request for each planned organization events where fees are charged;
  • Complete a  Parish Event Report within 60 days of the organization event;
  • Ensure that Parish Event requests and reports are prepared in accordance with the St. Barnabas Funding Model.

The treasurer and president of each organization are responsible for completing these above requirements. For further information, refer to the St. Barnabas Parish Treasurer Job Description.

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