Ministries at St. Barnabas are organized within five parish commissions to help integrate the many facets of the parish – worship, service, friendship, education and stewardship. The five commissions are: Spiritual Life, Human Concerns, Parish Life, Education/Formation and Administration.

Commissions coordinate and assist with all the ministries under their umbrella. Each commission is made up of 6-10 parishioners and one staff member who are involved in the commission’s ministries. Two of the commission members also serve on the Parish Council. The roles of the commission include coordination, communication, setting goals, evaluation, and, in general, supporting the ministries of the parish.


The Spiritual Life Commission gives direction to the liturgical life of the parish and fosters and promotes the spiritual growth of parishioners, helping all to understand their baptismal call.

The Human Concerns Commission coordinates the ministries of pastoral care, social services, social justice and evangelization. Its scope includes outreach to parishioners and the larger community.

The Parish Life Commission helps to ensure a deeper sense of Christian community for all people in the parish by promoting and sponsoring activities and events to bring parishioners together. The Commission also works to foster a spirit of welcoming for new parishioners and new members of our community.


The Education/Formation Commission coordinates all levels of education in the parish, from children to adults. Specifically, the commission is concerned with children's religious education, sacramental preparation, Christian initiation, small group faith sharing, adult faith formation and education, and St. Barnabas School.

The Administration Commission is responsible for coordinating the stewardship and management of the parish. Stewardship includes parishioners supporting the parish with their time, talent and treasure and the parish using the resources provided for the ongoing ministries, maintenance and future of the parish. The Commission is also responsible for keeping parishioners informed about what is happening in the parish.

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