Education and Faith Formation Mission Statement

The Education and Faith Formation Commission coordinates all levels of educational programming in the parish. These programs are designed to address the formation needs of Catholic and public school children of the parish at all levels of development as well as a variety of growth opportunities for adults. The role of the Commission is to foster cooperation, coordination and communication among all groups and individuals involved in the education and formation ministries of the parish. The Education and Faith Formation Commission is responsible for coordinating the Adult Faith Formation Committee, Marriage Preparation, Baptismal Preparation, Family School Association, School Board, Religious Education Program, Bible Study, Sacramental Preparation, and School Learning Support Group.

The emphases of the Education Commission are religious education for parish children, developmental programs for youth, sacramental preparation, religious activities in the parish school, faith sharing, family ministry and marriage preparation.

Goals of the Education Commission

  1. Encourage all eligible parishioners to participate in the rich faith life of the parish.
  2. Promote communication and coordination between the various educational and formational programs of the parish.
  3. Communicate to all parishioners the opportunities for education and religious formation.

Make-up of the Education Commission

The Commission includes member representatives from among St. Barnabas School, the School Board, Religious Education and Adult Faith Formation Committees, as well as other ministries involved in parish religious education and formation activities.

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