Leadership Calendar

Yearly Tradition of Planning

August: Planning begins with each commission reviewing its committees and identifying and summarizing volunteer needs.

Sept/Oct: With volunteer needs summarized, the Council, staff and commissions seek new volunteers through a ministry fair, Stewardship “Time” talks or social events.

November: Stewardship pledge cards are mailed to all parishioners asking them to share their time, talent and treasure.

Dec/Jan/Feb: Monthly Leadership Nights continue for Parish Council and commissions.

March: Parish Council and commissions sponsor a Gathering of Ministers/Call to Leadership.  All volunteers (from groups and committees) give feedback to their commission and offer ideas about planning for next year.  From these volunteers, new commission members are selected.

April: Commissions welcome new commission members and pass on the Parish Leadership Covenant Booklet.

May: New and current commission members and those leaving the commissions evaluate the year – what worked, what didn’t and why.  Goal setting begins and the Parish Council sets the annual theme.

June: Goals are finalized and action plans developed to achieve those goals.  Commission co-chairs are chosen, and one person from each commission is discerned to serve on the Parish Council.


                   (See Parish Leadership Covenant Booklet for more details.)

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