The humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region in western Sudan is the longest-running and most intense humanitarian crisis in the world today. Violence disease and hunger have claimed more than 400,000 lives since 2003. More than two and one-half million people have been displaced from their homes.

On April 29, 2007, the St. Barnabas Peace and Justice Committee sponsored a candlelight vigil to raise awareness for the genocidal violence occurring in the Darfur region in Sudan. The purpose of the vigil was to create public support for a United Nations peacekeeping force to end the violence in the region. Due to the efforts of thousands of activists across our nation and throughout the world, the United Nations enacted Security Council Resolution 1767 in July 2007 to establish such a peacekeeping force.

Resolution 1767 created a 26,000 person peacekeeping force to be jointly operated, funded and supplied by the UN and the African Union. The force was to be deployed by the end of 2007.

To date, however, only a fraction of the force has been deployed. The force is underfunded and is lacking much of the equipment needed for it to perform its mission. Moreover, the government of Sudan continues to obstruct the activities of the force.

While our political leaders have unanimously declared that the current situation in Darfur is intolerable, the violence and the killing has continued. Here are some actions we can take to help end the crisis.

  • Educate ourselves about the crisis and its implications.
  • Call upon our elected representatives to take the steps necessary to ensure the full deployment of the peacekeeping force authorized by UN Resolution 1767.
  • Contribute to and raise money for relief efforts.
  • Support and become part of the Sudan divestment movement.

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