Annual Parish Theme

"St. Barnabas – Making a Difference through Faith, Family and Friendship"

As St. Barnabas begins implementing an ambitious, comprehensive Development Plan, we are reminded why we want to work hard  to accomplish the goals and objectives set forth in that plan: St. Barnabas wants to make a difference!

St. Barnabas parishioners have a vision of a church that is full, and a school that is at capacity.  We envision a blue ribbon parish setting the standard for the Archdiocese.  Achieving the goals outlined in the Development Plan will take the full focus of the parish for the next 5 – 10 years.

Our theme, "Making a difference through Faith, Family and Friendship" reflects our parish's commitment to raise the bar and to use our many talents to reach for our vision together!

How was our vision developed?  In the Fall of 2008, the Parish Council drafted the vision reflected above; and, in the months that followed, the vision was affirmed by our parishioners.
Because of the consistency of parishioner input, St. Barnabas is confident that we are embarking on the right path at the right time! 

Saint Barnabas Parish


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