The St. Barnabas Parish Council is made up of two people from each commission, along with the Pastor and a representative of the parish staff.

The purpose of the Parish Council is to:

  • research the needs, ideas, goals and hopes of the faith community;
  • encourage and support existing ministries;
  • evaluate the quality of life of the parish faith community;
  • evaluate the parish’s success in carrying out the church’s mission;
  • draft and periodically reevaluate the Parish Mission Statement;
  • coordinate and support the five parish commissions; and
  • communicate with the parish faith community regarding all of its work.

The Council implements the St. Barnabas Mission Statement by developing yearly themes for the parish, formulating a vision and long-range plan for the parish, establishing goals and action steps for the parish as a whole, coordinating and supporting the five parish commissions, and working in collaboration with the pastor.

Each member of the Council serves a two year term with half of the membership being chosen each year. At the June Leadership Night, each commission discerns from its members one person to serve on the Parish Council for a two-year term. The Parish Council is served by co-chairpersons who are selected by a consensus of all members of the Parish Council in attendance at the September meeting.

The two co-chairpersons and the Pastor meet the week before the Monthly Leadership Night to establish an agenda for the Parish Council meeting. A brief summary of the Council’s meeting is included in the parish bulletin along with the monthly commission reports.

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