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St. Barnabas School Welcomes You

What an exciting first year our new principal, Mrs. Gaffney, is having!  The people of St. Barnabas School have gone to great lengths to make Mrs. Gaffney feel welcome and appreciated.  So far, Mrs. Gaffney's "jump right in" attitude has impressed everyone, along with her achievements.

It's hard to believe we are more than half way through the school year.  So many fun events and accomplishments have continued to make St. Barnabas School a well-respected staple of the Beverly neighborhood.

Much still to come this year...St. Baldrick's festivities, the Spring school production of "Mulan", Spring Break and the Easter holiday, field trips, Earth Day activities, Book Fair, Art Fair, 1st Holy Communion for our second graders, May Crowning, Spirit Day, and all of our 8th grade graduation activities.  Make sure you stay tuned to St. Barnabas, where if you miss a day, you miss a lot!

Be a part of tomorrow’s success stories…be a part of St. Barnabas School.

"Committed to Excellence in Education" 


Terra Nova Testing
Terra Nova tests will be administered the week of March 2nd to students in grades 1 through 7.  The test is designed to indicate what educational strengths and weaknesses a student has.  Our theme this year will be "Rock the Test."  All students will receive "Rock the Test" pencils, stickers, bookmarks, and also be asked to sign a banner committing to "Rock the Test." Read More

St. Baldrick's is Coming!
      Save the Date!
      Save your Hair!
      Once again, St. Baldrick's is coming to St. Barnabas on March 13, 2015.  Last year was a huge success and we're hoping for another one. Click here for all of the event details. Register online to be a shavee or make a donation.  Please complete form for Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program.  Go to and join "Pat Mac's Pack".

Cereal Collection
The students of St. Barnabas School recently held a collection of boxed cereal to share with the Holy Family Food Pantry, a minstry of our sharing parish.  Over 100 boxes of cereal were collected.  Thank you to everyone who brought in a box of cereal.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will make a difference to those in need.

Science Class
In Science class, 8th graders designed and built a closed reaction chamber to observe the combustion of sucrose to model the law of conservation of mass.  They observed how carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms convert to water vapor and solid carbon dioxide and determined that the mass of the products remain the same after a chemical reaction.


Schedule your
March 13, 2015
conference here

Conferences are by Parent or Teacher request only and are not mandatory

Click on image for information about our St. Baldrick's events


Get Behind the Vest
St. Barnabas students held two dates for "Dress Blue" where students paid $2 each for the privilege of being out of uniform and wearing the color blue to support the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation's "Get Behind the Vest" program. Read More

St. Baldrick's shirts
Be sure to order your St. Baldrick's shirt before it's too late.  All proceeds will benefit pediatric cancer research.  Click here for an order form.  Get your order in while supplies last.

Open Athletic Board Positions
The St. Barnabas Athletic Board is looking to fill several positions. Read More

Manna News
It's never too late to start using could save hundreds of dollars in tuition. Read More

Registration Ongoing
St. Barnabas School is accepting registrations for the 2015-2016 school year. Read More

Bitty Buckeyes
Bitty Buckeyes is a unique program designed for young children (18 months to 3 years of age) accompanied by their adult companions.  Each session will expose children to language and motor skill development along with religious instruction through the use of fun, age-appropriate activities. Read More


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