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Grades 3-5

Mrs. Folliard

St. Xavier University, Bachelor in Education
Middle School Endorsement in Mathematics

"I truly believe that all children are innate learners in very diverse, individualistic and unique ways.  I, therefore, feel it is my obligation as a teacher to create a stimulating classroom environment; engage and challenge students through meaningful and purposeful lessons that foster critical thinking; accommodate all types of learning styles, abilities and talents; and empower students with the responsibility for their own education as life-long learners and achievers."

Mr. Folliard

St. Xavier University, B.A. in Education

"I believe that students should be allowed to work to their full potential, to enjoy their learning and to inspire them to be the best person that they can be."


Ms. Foulk

Elmhurst College, B.A.in Elementary Education
Reading Teacher Endorsement
Language Arts Endorsement with Middle School Approval

"A teacher has the power to change the world in just one day.  We can create a world of wonder with a simple smile, a love for learning with an encouraging pat on the back, and an atmosphere of inquiry with a "job well done."  Because of this influence, I believe in creating an environment that is safe, encouraging, and challenging for all students.  These tenets I hold as a guide to teaching all students, as a path to success, and as assurance that no student falters in their academic endeavors."


Miss Gallagher

B.A. and M.A. in Education

"I believe that learning is a life-long vocation, and that all students can learn as long as teachers meet them where they are in their own learning process. Above all other subjects, I encourage reading because reading is the cornerstone upon which all other content area subjects are built. I believe that education extends beyond academics to incorporate spiritual and social development based upon mutual respect and responsibility."

Mrs. Hannigan

Bradley University, B.S. in Education

Nick Iosue Outstanding Teacher Award, Mt. Carmel High School, 2004
"My philosophy of teaching is that I am called to facilitate learning, nuture ideas, and foster creativity in my students.  I am to prepare my students both academically and socially so they can attain their learning potential while becoming responsible citizens whose knowledge and capabilities are founded upon a social conscience."

Ms. Sheerin

St. Xavier University, B.S. in Education
Certified Catechist

"My philosophy of teaching is to educate and inspire with Christ centered values through callenging and reflective education.  I believe that I should address the needs of the whole child and nurture each child to grow academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Each child's creativity and individuality is encouraged and celebrated as each child is respected.  I believe that Catholic values and positive character formation should be integrated into everyday learning."


Mrs. Thomas

Northern Illinois University, B.S. in Textiles and Clothing
Dominican University, Master of Arts in Teaching

"In my classroom, I strive to provide a welcoming environment where students can feel safe and secure.  I try to offer a variety of experiences for a diverse populations of students with a diversity of learning styles and abilities.  I also strive to help students achieve success to the best of their abilities and instill in all of my students an enthusiasm for learning that will make them lifeling learners.  I try to model a reverence, respect and responsibility toward all of God's creatures and teach my students to do so as well."

Mrs. Ward

Illinois State University, B.S. in Elementary Education
Middle School Endorsements in Reading, Language Arts and Social Science
Lewis University, M.S in School Counseling, K-12

"The basic philosophy I have is centered within the developmental stage of students.  I enjoy learning how each student's personal journey can enhance and challenge the day to day learning process.  My goal is to provide a warm, safe, engaging environment for my students as they learn."
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