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Parents and caregivers play a vital role in supporting the overall learning experience.  St. Barnabas strongly encourages regular communication between staff, parents and students.  We provide a number of technological tools to assist this effort including:

Innovative and user-friendly website (www.stbarnabasparish.org) providing:

  • School calendar, staff directory, upcoming news/events and parish information
  • Access to your child's grades and attendance through Power School
  • Access to homework assignments and class information through School Notes

Weekly school newsletters via email

Email and phone-notification-system through School Reach for emergency notifications, priority news updates, etc.

Updates regarding your child’s experience and progress are also communicated the following ways:

  • Parent Night: In September, parents are invited to meet the teachers, discuss curriculum, classroom practices and discipline procedures.
  • Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences: Conferences are scheduled in November and by request in March for grades K-8.
  • Faculty and Staff provide regular contact via email, phone and meetings, by appointment.
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