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Family School Association (FSA)

The FSA is a volunteer parent organization, similar to traditional PTA.  The goal of our association is to provide additional programs and sponsored events that will not only enhance our school curriculum, but also add some fun and different activities to the school year for the children as well as the parents.  All of the programs and activities that we work hard to develop are not included in the school budget.  We strive to make each student's experience at St. Barnabas School a well rounded one.

December Monthly News

  • Check in with your child's classroom liaison for classroom news, email lists and volunteer opportunities
  • Young Author's Books are due December 10, 2010.  Students are hard at work creating their stories.  Contact YAP Coordinators:  Marilyn Harris, Barb Kelly, Denise Rooney at stbarnabasyap@gmail.com
  • Our school play is in the works.  This year's production is Grease.  Performance dates are April 8, 9 and 10.  Volunteers welcome!
  • Please consider giving to our Special Gift Fund.  The donations will be pooled and distributed as cash gifts to the faculty, office and maintenance staff, and administration.  Your donation along with the proceeds from the Men’s Club Mixer will enable us to give a generous gift to the many people who help care for our children and school.  Please send checks to the office in care of Madeline McIntosh, Special Gift program, payable to St. Barnabas FSA by Friday, December 10th.

Contact FSA at: stbarnabasfsa@yahoo.com

2010-2011 Executive Board

President:  Maureen McMahon momcmahon@msn.com
President Elect:  Erin McDonald erin.mcdonald623@gmail.com
Past President:  Kris Murphy kkruegerhome@hotmail.com
Secretary:  Kerry Esseleman kerryesselman@sbcglobal.net
Treasurer:  Tracy Burke burkeortho@yahoo.com

Some of this year's programs include:

  • After School Enrichment Programs - a variety of classes taught by members of the community
  • Art Fair - several day event showcasing art projects made by out students
  • Art Month
  • Classroom Parent Liaisons - assist teachers on various school projects and relay information to the parents
  • Earth Day - children are involved in many green outdoor activities to promote environmental awareness
  • Fun Food Days - three days per year, students order lunch from an outside establishment
  • Ice Skating Party - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday in January
  • Mother-Son Outing - spring
  • New Parent Welcome - Wednesday night in August the week before school starts
  • Roller Skating Party - Thursday evening during the first week of school
  • School Play - Performance dates in Spring
  • Spirit Wear Sales - sale of clothing/accessories with the St. Barnabas logo
  • Wheel of Wisdom - fun activity during a school assembly testing knowledge to win points/prizes
  • Young Author's Program - children of all grades are offered an opportunity to create their own book

All FSA events and programs are made possible entirely through volunteers.  Volunteers can spend as little as an hour a week, an hour a month, or an hour a school year.  Some projects can even be done at home.

Each and every parent is a welcomed member of the FSA.  Our meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm in the Convent.  Our goal is to involve as many parents as we can to help make everyone's experience at our school the best it can be.
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