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Overall Goal

To develop our students into leaders and independent thinkers who take responsibility for their own education, while preparing them for success at all levels, academically, socially and spiritually.  St. Barnabas School uses the Illinois standards-based curriculum developed by the Archdiocese of Chicago as a basis for instruction and modified for local needs. The curricula is available online at the archdiocesan website,

St. Barnabas uses the MATCH (Matching Achievement to Curriculum Heights) Program for Reading and Math to promote high student achievement for all levels of learners.  Cluster grouping makes it easier for teachers to meet the needs of students in their classroom by reducing the achievement range of students within a classroom.  For Reading, students are clustered within their grade by ability and prior learning.  The content of the reading classes varies, depending on the needs of the members of the group, with all classes adhering to Illinois Learning Standards for the grade level.  For Math, students are grouped withn their homeroom grade or may also receive instruction in the next grade math curriculum.  The content of these Math classes is grade-level curriculum specific to Illinois Learning Standards.


  • Main objective is to introduce students to their first learning environment
  • Each day there are two lessons taught along with playtime
  • Socialization begins and students introduced to reading and math concepts and specials introduced


  • Main objective is to transition students from pre-school to the main school building
  • The focus is on tasks, starting and finishing what is asked of them
  • Basic skills in English and math begin
  • They begin to learn about the world around them
  • More structure is added to their day to establish a foundation of what is to come, with homework given twice a week
  • Students are introduced to church, going to Mass with the rest of the school; focus is on teaching them to respect others

Early Grades: Grades 1-3

  • Main objective is to create a solid foundation for learning through focus on fundamentals
  • Students begin how to learn
  • Base math skills of multiplication and division are taught
  • Critical thinking skills are developed in all areas
  • Socialization with others is another building block for future success
  • Getting along with others and learning to work with partners is a focus
  • Small work groups formed where communication is key
  • Spiritual focus is on Reconciliation and First Communion

Intermediate Grades: Grades 4-6

  • Main objective is to create good study habits and good behavior, the building blocks of learning
  • Students are encouraged to become more independent, taking ownership of their education and spiritual development
  • Students participate in Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Ownership and Accountability is stressed
  • Get their own ID for PowerSchool
  • Encouraged to go to church on their own
  • Students learn the fundamentals of time management and organization, especially important as students now eligible to participate on school sports teams
  • Tecnology continues to be integrated into their lessons

Junior High: Grades 7-8

  • Main objective is to prep for high school and beyond
  • Step up in quality of work each student does
  • More detail-oriented solutions sought
  • Focus is on writing and communication - if you write well, you can succeed
  • Projet Match affords students opportunity to take freshman-level courses in English and Math to get ahead
  • Focus on spiritual development, culminating in Confirmation in 8th grade, with preparations beginning in 7th grade
  • Use of technology in classes increases, with Excel and PowerPoint used in all areas
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