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McDonald Learning Center

The Sheila Doherty-McDonald Learning Center, a 1,500 square foot library facility, was completed in Spring 2008. The Center offers quality resources and technology that support the curriculum. The Learning Center, run by Renee Carroll, provides a welcoming, interactive, and user-friendly environment that offers reading, instructional, and computer-based work areas.

The Center’s technology includes seven iMac computers, a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, a DVD player, and a wide-screen television. Thousands of fiction and non-fiction books housed on floor-to-ceiling wooden shelves, an encyclopedia package, and a reading area with floor rug and rocking chair round out the library’s resources.

Students have the opportunity to browse through the books available for circulation during their weekly visits to the library. Students will learn research skills and work on projects that complement their curriculum. Furthermore, students will be encouraged to locate, analyze, and use information from a variety of sources.

The Center offers a Book Adventures where students take quizzes on books they have read. Students earn points for each test taken and have an opportunity to participate in Accelerated Reading contests throughout the school year.

The Mission of the Sheila Doherty-McDonald Learning Center is to be a place:

  • Where all students can strive for and achieve success

  • Where quality collections are provided, in print and online, that support the curriculum and address a variety of learning needs

  • Where students develop a love of reading and literature

  • Where the library media specialist helps students explore the world around them through print and electronic media

  • Where students can work individually or in small groups on research or collaborative projects

                   From School Libraries Work, Scholastic Research Foundation

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