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Welcome to our teachers' homework pages!  Here, you will find at least two new communications from your teachers each week. “Week at a Glance” provides an overview of what material will be covered that week. “Homework Page” lists daily homework assignments. 

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Mrs. O’Hara

Mrs. Urchell

Mrs. O'Keefe


Mrs. Reynders

Mrs. Foley

First Grade  

Mrs. Aleman

Mrs. Cleveland

Mrs. Clough

Second Grade

Ms. Brett

Ms. Sadowski

Third Grade   
Mrs. Hannigan

Mrs. Thomas

Fourth Grade 
Mr. Folliard

Ms. Foulk

Miss Gallagher
Fifth Grade  

Mrs. Folliard

Mrs. Ward

Ms. Sheerin

Sixth Grade
Mrs. Douin

Mrs. Kerr

Seventh Grade 
Mr. Baird

Mrs. Fordice

Mrs. Preabt

Eighth Grade
Mrs. Shader

Ms. Ruth

Ms. Kotarski

Project Match Teachers

Mrs. Fruth

Mrs. Krukowski

Mrs. Michon
Mrs. Sullivan

Ms. Malinowski

Mrs. Carroll

Mrs. Morgan

Ms. Sanchez

Ms. Perazzolo 


Mrs. Davies




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