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St. Barnabas School Play

The Family School Association sponsors a school play each year at St. Barnabas School. Professional staff members from the Beverly Art Center provide direction, choreography, and choral direction for the production. Parent volunteers manage other production needs such as set construction, costumes, publicity, programs and a cast party.

All students from 5th through 8th grade are welcome to try out for the play in December. Students can also volunteer for crew jobs such as lighting, sound, and prop management.

Practices run from January to March and are held 2 days a week immediately after school. Finally, a tech week with daily practices ends with a school performance and a weekend of performances for friends and family in the school gym.


"GREASE" is the word, for this years school production currently underway.

Please join us for our upcoming shows:

April 8, 2011     7pm
April 9, 2011     7pm
April 10, 2011     2pm

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