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To contact a staff member by phone, dial the school office at (773) 445-7711, and request their extension.
You may also email a staff member by clicking on their email address below.





Principal Mrs. Elaine Gaffney 216
Assistant Principal Ms. Kelly Foyle 316
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Katy Duffy 214
Business Manager Mrs. Lisa Sarcinella 215
  Mrs. Sheri Jendra 215
Technology Director Mrs. Della Cushing 315
Communication Coordinator Mrs. Katie Sebby
Director of Lifelong Formation Mr. Patrick McGowan  773-445-3450
Early Childhood
Preschool Mrs. Karen O'Hara 773-445-4407
  Mrs. Kate Urchell 773-445-4407
  Mrs. Terese O'Keefe 773-445-4407
Room 110 Mrs. Beverly Reynders 210
Room 111 Mrs. Susan Foley 211
Grade 1
Room 103 Mrs. Patricia Clough 203
Room 104 Mrs. Mary Aleman 204
Grade 2
Room 105 Ms. Grace Sadowski 205
Room 106 Ms. Kristin Brett 206
Room 112 Ms. Emily Wardell 212
Grade 3
Room 107 Mrs. Elizabeth Hannigan 207
Room 109 Mrs. Roseann Thomas 209
Grade 4
Room 202 Mr. Ryan Folliard 302
Room 205 Ms. Katie Foulk 305
Grade 5
Room 201 Ms. Meghan Mojica 301
Room 203 Ms. Megan Malloy 303
Room 204 Mrs. Jacqueline Ladislas 304
Grade 6
Room 207 Mrs. Jayne Douin 307
Room 209 Ms. Katherine Hackett 309
Room 212 Mrs. Diadra Viz 312
Grade 7
Room 213 Mrs. Maureen Preabt 313
Room 211 Mr. Andrew Baird 311
Grade 8
Room 206 Mrs. Brooke Fordice 306
Room 208 Mrs. Kerry Kerr 308
Room 210 Ms. Lauren Ruth 310
Library Mrs. Renee Carroll 201
Spanish Ms. Isabel Sanchez
Music Ms. Sasha Rashidee
Art Ms. Natalie Malinowski
Computers Ms. Kathleen Davies
Physical Education Ms. Maureen Perazzolo 213
Project Match-302 Mrs. Valerie Krukowski 402
Project Match-303 Mrs. Llora Sullivan 403
Project Match-304 Mrs. Janice Michon 404
Project Match Mrs. Kathy Klyczek
Counselor Mrs. Corrine Morgan 314
Teacher Aides Mrs. Gail Butcher
  Mrs. Cathy Holland
  Mrs. Sheri Jendra
  Mrs. Michele Mariotti
  Mrs. Jamie Martin
  Ms. Judy Norris
  Ms. Julia Regan
  Mrs. Lauren Roberts
  Mr. Kevin Riley 280
  Mr. Nate Bachler
  Mr. John Hayes
  Mr. Brendan Smith
After School Program
Director Ms. Jan Butts
Band Director Mr. Ken Stiak  708-430-3240
Strings Mrs. Judy Lei
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