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YOUTH at St. Barnabas Parish

St. Barnabas Parish welcomes all of its youth to participate fully in the parish community. We appreciate the energy and insight our younger members bring to our activities.

Youth are encouraged to participate in and contribute to the worship life of the parish through ministries such as Altar Servers or Lectors, the Art and Environment Committees, the Dance and Music Ministries, or Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

Youth are invited to share their talents in service to the greater community through service projects in preparation for the Sacraments, or in conjunction with Religious Education, school activities, Scout and Y-Guide groups, or through teen mission trips or projects. Our young people collect food for local food pantries, serve at homeless shelters, coordinate pancake breakfasts to support charitable causes, and prepare a parish-wide simple soup supper to further the cause of Operation Rice Bowl.

We are proud of the Catholic education we offer through St. Barnabas Elementary School and the Religious Education Program offered to those not attending our school.

And certainly not to be ignored, our youth have countless opportunities to celebrate their friendships formed in the parish through social, athletic and academic pursuits.

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