Beyond Belief High School Faith Sharing Small Groups

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High School Teens, registrations accepted year round.


2nd Sunday of the month 6-7:30pm, Click here for a calendar


St. Barnabas Parish Convent


Beyond Belief is putting belief into action. It is spending time in conversation, community, and service with and for your peers.   Beyond Belief is about being present to one another, living our shared Catholic faith through ongoing service, fellowship and ministry to peers. 


How does it work?  Participation in Beyond Belief is different from other High School Youth Ministry opportunities where you mostly just show up. Beyond Belief asks you to commit to being present to your peers on the 2nd Sunday of each month. and then to make an effort to participate in the service and fellowship opportunities as your schedule allows. 
Lifelong faith is beyond belief; it is an exercise of the head, heart, and hands. 

Lifelong faith moves  beyond mandatory time in a school setting, Catholic or otherwise.  

Lifelong faith is to explore faith with our mind, experience the faith in our heart, and time taken to live that faith through our own efforts to be Christ to others; the work of our hands.
Why do it? Confirmation or graduation does not equal graduation from church and nor is a Catholic High School a comparable substitute for active participation in the life and mission of a faith community, our parish.   The community found in a parish youth ministry is transforming and does not distract from academics or extracurricular activities.  

Join us to have fun with your peers and to enrich your faith beyond a classroom. Commit to moving from a faith of the mind, facts and testing alone to heart and action. 

TALK to peers about Beyond Belief

TELL peers about Beyond Belief

INVITE peers of your class to participate

COME be with peers


We hope you will sign up to join us for BEYOND BELIEF.  Click for a current registration.

Graduating and Confirmation Class of 2013, incoming Freshman click here to register

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