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Peace Camp 2023

St. Barnabas Co-Sponsoring Peace Camp with Bethlehem Lutheran! Helpers Wanted! June 26-30, 2023  


For over a decade, many of our St. Barnabas Parish kids have spent a week in June going to “Peace Camp'' at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church over on 94th and Oakley.  Peace Camp is a one-week day-camp filled with fun, arts and crafts, yoga, team building, and active, engaging learning about peace building and conflict resolution meant especially for kids. It is a fabulous way to help your child become a leader in challenging bullying, building good relationships, and making our school, our community, and our world a place of genuine peace.


The camp is as popular as ever. (Sign up for kids is live and rapidly filling up!) This year, Pastor Jennie English-Dumont of Bethlehem Lutheran has reached out to our St. Barnabas community to ask for help, and we have agreed to co-sponsor the camp!  The camp does not need direct financial support from us at this time. What it needs most right now is people!  Mr. McGowan will be volunteering, and we are now looking for volunteers in a variety of roles to help make sure the one-week camp goes smoothly.  If you are someone who loves young kids, please consider joining us! This year’s camp will be from June 26 to 30, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  There will be training on Saturday, June 10, from 9:00 to 12:00 PM at Bethlehem Lutheran.  Our preference is for volunteer adults, but high schoolers in need of service hours (or who just love day camps!) will be considered.  


Peace Camp is a wonderful opportunity to volunteer with some great kids (and adults) in a way that builds up love and understanding and creates real peacemakers!  

Please contact Mr. McGowan at [email protected] or at 773-840-7605 if you would like to get involved and we can talk about the details. Thanks!  

Sign up to volunteer here.

Hello St. Barnabas family!  

As many of you have seen in the bulletin the past five weeks, from June 26 to June 30, St. Barnabas will be helping to sponsor the annual one-week Peace Camp for kids at Bethlehem Lutheran in North Beverly. Over 20 St. Barnabas youth will be attending the camp, and a half-dozen parishioners will be helping to run it! 

One of the activities at the Peace Camp is a school supply service project. We will be filling 48 book bags with school supplies for Head Start Kindergartners. The camp has the backpacks, but we are looking for supplies to fill 48 of them! Supplies needed are as follows: 

  • Soft zipper pencil cases or sturdy plastic boxes
  • 8-pack Crayola crayons (NO JUMBO CRAYONS)
  • 8-color markers (basic colors only)
  • 8-color box of colored pencils (basic colors only)
  • blunt-end scissors
  • large glue sticks
  • 4-pack of dry erase markers (black/blue/green/red) with eraser
  • 2-pack of pink erasers
  • 8-color watercolor paint set with brush
  • 2 drawing pads (8.5x11) OR 2 reams of white copy paper
  • 2 sturdy heavy-weight folders with pockets on the bottom (NO SIDE POCKETS & NO PLASTIC FOLDERS)

You can drop off donations in the Church narthex the weekend of June 24-25. Thank you for your generosity!