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Volunteer Information

First up is a link to a YouTube video that highlights specific instructions for Setting Up the church, Greeting parishioners and visitors, and Cleaning the church after each private prayer and sacramental event. Sit back and enjoy the show...
St. Barnabas Beverly Parish Reopening Committee Volunteer Orientation Video
Next up is a link to SignUpGenius where you can schedule yourselves to volunteer at an event in the church. The form specifies how many Greeters and Cleaners we will need for each event, and will be updated as we get a better understanding of our needs and as new events are added to the parish calendar, so check back at the link as often as you can.
Click here to sign up!
Once again, THANK YOU! for volunteering to help re-open the church. 
Your efforts are critical and will not go unnoticed. And... your reward will be 100-fold!
Peace and all good things...
Deacon Andy


We need volunteers to assist with various aspects of our Parish Reopening Plan. Please consider joining one of the following teams:

Set-Up Team -- Sample duties include ensuring that all supplies needed for each sacramental celebration/gathering are ready for use, entrances and exits are marked and propped open prior to attendees' arrival/departure, etc.

Greeting Team -- Sample duties include assisting in managing the flow of congregants as they enter the church, making sure attendees use hand sanitizer upon entering, are wearing a mask, and are reminded not to enter if ill; directing people to appropriate seating/waiting areas, etc.

Cleaning Team -- Sample duties include cleaning and disinfecting essential areas of the church before and after the church has been used. Masks and gloves will be provided if you do not have your own, in addition to approved cleaning/disinfecting supplies.

The Reopening Leadership Team will make sure that all volunteers are properly trained. Additionally, from those that step forward, we may also request that some act as Volunteer Captains to help lead each of the three teams.

Please note that for everyone’s protection, volunteers must not be part of a “vulnerable population” that is anyone with an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, lung disease, or undergoing cancer treatment, etc.

I ask all of you who are and healthy to consider assisting with one of the three reopening teams.

I know that many of you over 65 wish to volunteer. If you are healthy, and do not have an underlying condition, you can volunteer. I especially encourage teenagers to get involved. Our parish needs your strength and enthusiasm! While the Archdiocese does not allow our youth to participate in public-contact roles such as a Greeter we desperately need your help on the Set-Up and Clean-up committees! College age young adults are encouraged to volunteer for any of the teams.

If you are interested in assisting in the reopening effort, please send a message to Deacon Andy Neu at indicating your willingness to volunteer. Also let him know your team preference if you have one.