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Weekly Mutterings. Perhaps, like me, you make a daily ritual of reading the mail. If so, you might quickly pass over the junk mail, grimace at the bills, and smile at how creatively your name is misspelled. The piece of mail that grabs your attention is the small envelope with a real stamp on it. The address is hand-written, in blue ink, not on a label. It may be a note from a good friend, or from your sister who lives out of town, or perhaps your grand-son. Whatever, it is more than just a piece of paper. It is personal, and warm. So you set the other pieces of mail aside -- the ones addressed to “Current Occupant” -- and you savor the contents of your personal note, written just for you.

 Paul's first letter to the church at Thessalonica is just such a letter. It is personal, brief, and full of affirmation. How its recipients must have treasured this letter! What a special friendship they must have enjoyed with Paul. He founded the Church there, and the new Christian believers were faithful to the message he taught them. They helped him in time of suffering, and supported him after he left to establish other church communities in Greece. In fact, this little letter may be the earliest written document to be included in the New Testament. Someone kept it, because it meant so much to them, and they must have read it over and over again. Is there something that we, the family of St. Barnabas, can learn from Paul and the family of God’s people at Thessalonica? We are not very much different, after all. We, too, love to receive letters from friends, and hear words of encouragement and hope. Just so, other people need to receive such letters from us, need to hear our words of support, trust, forgiveness and compassion.

We should write more letters! We don’t have to put pen to paper, although that’s much nicer than sending an email or text message. We just need to tell each other, more often than we do, how important they are to us. We need to invade each other’s privacy, interrupt each other’s routine, and let someone who is hurting know that we care, that she matters to us, and you’ll be there if she needs you. Our faith in God will get us through anything, and none of us is ever alone. We’re all in this together, and what happens to one of us happens to all of us. Those are the kind of messages we keep, and treasure, and return to read again and again whenever we need to. Like Paul, we believe that we have the ability to touch lives, and to put  broken hearts back together again. This gift comes from God, and has the power to change the world. Your kind words make a big difference. Write them down, give them away, send them to someone who longs to hear them. You will be doing nothing less than participating in the literary tradition of the great writer, Paul.

Parish News

Mass in Honor of All Service Men and Women
On Sunday, November 9th at 10am, the fiath community of St. Barnabas will gather to celebrate a Mass in Honor of all Military Service Men and Women, Past and Present. To add a name to the list that will be read at the Prayers of the Faithful, please contact Kitty Ryan.
Read More

All Souls' Day Mass
A special Mass of Remembrance will be celebrated on All Souls' Day, November 2nd at 3pm. Anyone who has had a loved one die this past year and did not receive an invitation or who was not buried from St. Barnabas and would like to participate in remembering your loved one, should call the rectory-773-779-1166.

St. Barnabas Family Timeline
As a part of our 90th Anniversary celebration, we created a timeline banner, spanning 1924 to 2014, and invite parishioners to document the year their family joined St. Barnabas Parish. As families mark the year they joined the parish, the banner will grow to show our parish family history. Before or after mass this weekend, please visit the banner at the back of church and add your family name.



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School News

Bitty Buckeyes
Bitty Buckeyes is a unique program designed for young children (18 months to 3 years of age) accompanied by their adult companions.  Each session will expose children to language and motor skill development along with religious instruction through the use of fun, age-appropriate activities. Read More

Manna News
Start the school year right by using our manna program. It's easy to use and could save you hundreds of dollars in tuition. So why not start saving today! Read More


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