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Weekly Mutterings. When John the Baptist gave Jesus the title “Lamb of God” he was saying a lot. In that time, a lamb was often offered as a sacrifice to God. So John was saying that, like a small lamb, Jesus was humble, innocent, and would sacrifice his life out of love for us. We might think it would have been better for John to refer to Jesus as something majestic — like an eagle, or a lion. But Jesus himself preferred to be called the Lamb of God.

It made me wonder: If you and I were at the Jordan River with John the Baptist, what name would he have given to each of us? Would he say: “Behold, Ed, the terrific husband and father? Or “Look, there is Mary, the friend who is always there when you need her?” Perhaps, John might call us by a name that would be less complimentary. St. Paul must have asked himself a similar question. He could well have been known forever as “Saul, the Persecutor of Christians.” Instead, he is held in honor as the “Apostle to the Gentiles.”

So I wonder: what would my obituary say about me if I read it in the paper this morning? What would it reveal about what was important in my life? How would John the Baptist introduce you if he encountered you today? Would he say: “Look! There’s Bill; he made a killing in the stock market, and has a corner office on the 51st floor.” Or, “Look! There’s Jim, the man his children want to be like when they grow up.” Or “Look! There’s Joan, who is trustworthy, honorable, and happy.” We have the opportunity and responsibility to choose the “name” by which we will be remembered.

Parish News

First Responders Liturgy
St. Barnabas will honor First Responders at a special mass on Sunday, February 5th at 10am. Firefighters, police officers, and paramedics/EMTs are invited to participate in uniform.

Christ Renews His Parish
Please save the date for St. Barnabas Parish's Christ Renews His Parish 2017 retreats. The men's retreat will be February 18-19., and the women's retreat is scheduled for February 25-26. To learn more about the women's retreat, contact MarySarah Carpenter. Contact Bill McMahon regarding the men's retreat.

Dylan Lloyd, '01 Performs at the Epiphany Concert
Dylan Lloyd, a 2001 graduate from St. Barnabas and professional songwriter in Los Angeles, joined the St. Barnabas Music Ministry for our Epiphany Concert where he performed I Saw Your Star Tonight. This original song was written and composed by Dylan specifically for our concert. If you would like to hear more of Dylan's music, tune into his very own Pandora Station- Dylan Lloyd Radio.

Trivia Night!
St. Barnabas School Board presents Trivia Night!, Friday, February 3rd, 7pm, in the school gym. Details can be found online or in the Sunday bulletin. Tickets can be purchased online.

Gluten Free Hosts
Gluten-free hosts are available at all masses. The priest, who is saying the mass, will distribute these hosts. If you wish to receive a gluten-free host, please stand in the main celebrant's communion line.



School News

Bitty Buckeyes
Bitty Buckeyes is a unique program designed for young children (18 months to 3 years of age) accompanied by their adult companions. Read More

Open Athletic Board Positions
The St. Barnabas Athletic Board is looking for new members. Read More


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