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Weekly Mutterings.  People in the United States are among the most generous on earth, giving of their abundance to many worthy causes. At the same time we are also among the world’s guiltiest – that is, we feel guilty about our many advantages and blessings. I know this is true because sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt about living in the big house next to the church. Should a priest live in such a nice place, even if it is not his own? Perhaps you wonder about such a thing, too. Is there something wrong about being comfortable when there are so many poor and suffering people in the world, and in our own city?

The lurking suspicion that there is something wrong about being comfortable can make us very un-comfortable. Somewhere along the way, we absorbed the idea that God doesn’t like people who are successful. Jesus told a remarkable parable about Dives and Lazarus. Dives is a rich guy, comfortably well-off and well-fed. Lazarus lives in the same neighborhood as Dives, but is poor, sickly, and uncomfortable. Jesus does not say that Dives was a bad person because he was rich, or that Lazarus was morally superior because he was poor and sickly.

What bothered Jesus was that Dives simply didn’t care about people like Lazarus. The crime that sent Dives to the underworld, was that his prosperity gave way to indifference. It still happens today, of course. The poor suffer, and the comfortable simply change the channel. You and I are very fortunate people. We have advantages not available to many millions of people around the world, benefits that have made it easier for us to prosper. For this we are very grateful. But with great blessings comes the responsibility to care about those who are less blessed, and to avoid the danger of self-righteousness, or indifference, or the temptation to only spend time with people like ourselves. In Jesus’ parable, the rich man dug that chasm between Lazarus and him with his own two hands. The tragedy is that it never occurred to him to build a bridge instead.

Parish News

Mass in Honor of our Military
On November 13th, we will pay tribute to our military, past and present, at our 10am mass. We invite all veterans and current members of the military to participate in the gathering procession.

Bottles, Bites & Brews
Join us for Bottles, Bites & Brews, a tasting event featuring wine, craft beer and food pairings on Saturday, October 15th at St. Barnabas School. The event will also include the Grand Prize Drawings for the Big Bucks Raffle. Details and ticket information can be found online.



Tickets are nearly sold out! A waiting list is currently available at the rectory, please stop in to be added to the list. Congratulations to our Early Bird Winners:

0682: Breian Meakens
0990: Jason Treadwell
1485: Angela Iverson

0127: John Carey
0621: Kelli Malone
1814: John Schultz, Sr.
0929: Dan Sullivan
1672: John O'Keefe
0893: Margaret Smith
0314: Kristin Fishback


School News

Bitty Buckeyes
Bitty Buckeyes is a unique program designed for young children (18 months to 3 years of age) accompanied by their adult companions. Read More

Manna News
Start the new school year right by using the manna program.  The more you use it the bigger your tuition savings. Read More


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