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Weekly Mutterings. Like all of you, I have vivid memories of my struggles growing up. I remember my father’s perseverance in teaching me how to ride a bike. We traversed up and down the driveway until, after several falls, I finally got it. I remember, too, my own frustration at trying to teach my sister Joan how to drive. She just couldn’t seem to understand the concept that you’re supposed to stop before you run into the garbage can!

We can only imagine Jesus’ frustration in trying to teach his apostles about his mission, about the Father, about the Kingdom, and about the role they would play in its building. He taught them for three years, and at times it must have felt like teaching colors to your dog. They were confused, they ran away, they didn’t understand.

After his resurrection, when Jesus visited the frightened apostles hiding in a dark room, they were startled and terrified at the sight of him. But he showed them his hands and side, he ate with them, he forgave them, and he commissioned them to unlock the doors of that room and the doors of their hearts, and go out to change the world. The apostles finally “got it” that day, and they could never be the same again.

Since then we have shown ourselves to be much like the apostles before us. There have been many times when we just didn’t “get it,” and demonstrated our humanity and fallibility. If left to our own devices our Church would long ago have ceased to exist. But the Holy Spirit has guided us through the rough spots, and God has never given up on us. The truth of the Gospel has been handed down to our generation, and continues to be proclaimed with courage and conviction.

Let’s pray that the Spirit will rekindle in us the wonder and awe of the early Church. Let’s pray, read the scriptures, and study our faith until the light bulb goes on and we are once again caught up in the marvel and wonder of it all. Like the believers before us, we are commissioned to give witness to the risen Christ to those who come after us.

Parish News

Monthly Family Rosary
Beginning May 3rd, St. Barnabas will host a monthly family rosary gathering in the Holy Spirit Chapel. Whole families, and individuals of all ages, are welcome to pray together.

Faith Enrichment Series
Fr. Bill Kenneally's Tuesday Faith Enrichment Series will return on April 28th. Join Fr. Kenneally in the church hall Tuesday mornings, April 28th - May 19th, 9:30-10:30am.



The St. Barnabas Master Plan is from our parishioners and for our parishioners. The study will help us determine how our facilities can best serve the needs of our vibrant ministries.

It will not be a success without you. What will our legacy be?


School News

One Book, One School
St. Barnabas School implemented a One Book, One School program this academic year. The book Wonder by RJ Palacio was chosen by the school's staff because of its incredible message of kindness and anti-bullying. Read More

Manna News
It's never too late to start using could save hundreds of dollars in tuition. Read More

Registration Ongoing
St. Barnabas School is accepting registrations for the 2015-2016 school year. Read More


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