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Renew My Church

Watch the bulletin and other communications for exciting updates on the Renew My Church process.  You’ll soon be hearing about the Southside Parish Renewal initiative where our four local parishes, Christ the King, St. John Fisher, St. Cajetan, and St. Barnabas, will be working together to strengthen and enrich the faith lives of Catholics in our community.  We’ll collaborate to address the sources of disengagement from parish life and create vibrant new ways to enrich and express our Catholic faith.  Ideally our entire parish community will participate in this exciting new faith journey and we hope you will get involved!  More information on this exciting renewal to come!


Fr. Jim Donovan
Fr. Jim has been a priest for almost 35 years, and has no idea how time has moved so quickly. He has been the 7th Pastor of St. Barnabas since 2017. The People of God have allowed him to experience how God works in times of joy and sorrow. All of his assignments have become home to him. He sees that Renew My Church allows us to dream boldly about the future. [email protected]
Joe Basile
Joe has been a parishioner since 1986. He grew up in Holy Redeemer parish where he attended grammar school. He attended high school at St. Ignatius and from there obtained his undergraduate degree from St. Louis University. He then obtained his law degree from John Marshall Law School in Chicago. He has practiced law for 43 years and now primarily focuses on volunteer legal writing. He has served at St. Barnabas as a catechist for Children's Liturgy of the Word, as a Eucharistic Minister, and Lector during the weekday Masses. He represents St. Barnabas on the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council for Vicariate V. The APC is an advisory body which serves to assist the archbishop in his pastoral duties and agenda, and is currently in the process of preparing reports for the Synod called by the Holy Father.  [email protected]
Karl Liebenauer
Karl has been a parishioner since 2014. Originally from Ohio, he attended Catholic grammar school, high school, and college and found roots in the neighborhood thanks to his wife, Erin, who was born and raised in Beverly. His family includes three daughters, currently in second grade, kindergarten and pre-school at St. Barnabas School. Karl earned a Bachelor's degree, with majors in Finance and Philosophy, from the University of Notre Dame. He works for NXT Capital and is a member of the parish Finance Board. [email protected]com 
Margie Love
Margie has been a parishioner of St. Barnabas parish since 2007. She is married to Jack and has three adult married children and two grandchildren. She has a Master's in Addictions Counseling and a Master's in Counseling and works as a Counselor in private practice. Over the years Margie has been a Eucharist Minister, has hosted various parish Bible fellowship groups at her home, has participated in CRHP and also served as the Lay Leader and then a member of the food committee for a subsequent CRHP,  was a member of the Welcome Committee, member of the CRHP Continuation committee, member of the Marriage Ministry team, and as a member of the Pre-Cana team.  jlove[email protected]

Mark Piper
Mark is a native of Wisconsin and is the Director for Ministry & Mission Advancement for the Cenacle Sisters. He resides in East Beverly with his wife Regina and their two children, Rachel Day and George DeSales, who will attend St. Barnabas School in the fall. He holds a Master's in Leadership and Policy Studies from DePaul University and a Bachelor's from Saint Xavier University; he is an alumnus of Amate House, a year of service organization sponsored by the Chicago Archdiocese. He has written regularly for the National Catholic Reporter and his book Interrupted Presence: Eleven Stories of Finding God in Times of Trouble (ACTA Publications, 2021) features many stories from Catholics across Chicagoland. He has been a registered parishioner of St. Barnabas since 2017. [email protected]com
Deacon Andy Neu
Deacon Andy and his wife, Cindy, have been St. Barnabas parishioners since 1994, although he first started coming to church here in 1963!. They raised their daughters, Katie and Anna, at St. Barnabas where both graduated from our school, well-prepared for academic success throughout their Catholic school educations at Marist High School, Quincy University, and St. Norbert College. Andy has been active in CRHP, Adult Faith Formation, Bible Study, Youth Ministry with Cindy, and since his ordination in 2001, Marriage Ministry, Baptism Ministry, Religious Education, RCIA, Prayer and Worship, Preaching, and assisting at Mass. Andy spent 23 years as Senior Art Director for a corporate advertising agency, before answering the call to minister with the Marist Brothers as a Religion Teacher, Director of Campus Ministry, and Chaplain for 17 years. He signed on full-time at St. Barnabas in August of last year as a Pastoral Associate and Director of Parish Mission and MInistry. [email protected]
What is the Role of the St. Barnabas Renew My Church Committee?
Created in January 2022, the Renew My Church committee for St. Barnabas has the responsibility of recommending to the Archdiocese a structure that provides for the sacramental and spiritual needs of all persons in our area. Specifically, this group will help inform Cardinal Cupich on how best to move forward to Make Disciples, Build Community, and Inspire Witness in light of the dire priest shortage and other realities. 


Who comprises this committee and why?
Biographies of the St. Barnabas specific RMC members are provided below. Fr. Jim asked each individual to participate based upon their commitment to the parish-school community, their spiritual and personal traits, as well as their professional experiences relevant to structural and spiritual renewal. 


Summary of the RMC Process and Timeline:
While most things in life are “subject to change” the Christ the King & St. Barnabas RMC group discerns and decides how best to move forward in making, first, structural, and secondly, spiritual renewal as mandated from the Archdiocese. These small teams have assessed demographic and church resource realities in mid-to-late January. They have identified strengths and weaknesses, and in tandem have begun parish townhall information sessions. Throughout February the RMC teams will continue to hone in on possible scenarios by way of continuous consultation as a group and by communicating with various parish leaders and their parishes as a whole. The RMC group has an archdiocesan provided facilitator for their meetings.

The RMC teams have met or will meet on: January 10, January 31, Feb 7, Feb 14, Feb 28, March 7 and March 14. The RMC work culminates in presenting a written recommendation to the Cardinal who makes the final decision regarding Christ the King and St. Barnabas parishes.

How can parishioners get involved?
1. Please attend any public town halls or discussions provided. Both Christ the King and St. Barnabas are working in tandem to provide the same types of forums and shall share the same information with each parish community.

2. Please contact any member of the RMC team at St. Barnabas (emails are below). If you email one member, they will share it with all other members.

3. Please check the parish website and official social media pages for updates. Other updates may be posted in the church vestibule, in the weekly bulletin, or in the announcements at the end of Mass.

4. Pray with and for the RMC team, for our parish family, for those who came before us and laid such a strong parish foundation in faith, and for the renewal of those who will carry St. Barnabas into the future.
5. Dream Big. Join the RMC team members in imagining how St. Barnabas will emerge from RMC structurally and spiritually renewed. Share your ideas.