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Spiritual Life Mission Statement

The Spiritual Life Commission helps direct the liturgical life of the parish, as well as foster and promote the spiritual growth of all parishioners, enabling them to understand what it means to respond to their baptismal call by worshipping and ministering to the gospel. The Spiritual Life Commission desires to lead the faith community of St. Barnabas parish into a fuller and richer relationship with God by providing experiences of the Eucharist which foster an understanding that “liturgy” is the work of the people and is a living, dynamic experience and by providing other opportunities for prayer and spiritual growth. Its vision includes spiritual enrichment opportunities through liturgy, and other expressions of prayer that offer fitting praise to God, represents the community of St. Barnabas, invites the Assembly’s full, conscious and active participation and empowers the community to live out their faith in their everyday lives.


The Spiritual Life Commission is responsible for:

  1. Coordinating the liturgical ministries of the parish including the music, sacristans, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, servers, art and environment and liturgical planners.
  2. Fostering dialogue between liturgical ministers and committees in order to ensure that liturgical and spiritual programs are meeting the needs of all parishioners.
  3. Evaluating, periodically, the weekend liturgies and other forms of prayer experiences, drawing upon the insights and feedback of parishioners.
  4. Promoting spiritual enrichment through various forms of liturgical and prayer experiences which may include the liturgical component of parish missions, retreats, days or evenings of recollection, communal praying of the rosary, Advent and Lenten programs.
  5. Fostering an annual evaluation of parish programs of spirituality in order to discover what is working and what more might be needed in order to meet the diverse needs of the parishioners.