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Eucharistic Minister Training



We are in need of Eucharistic Ministers! Anyone interested in serving the faith community of St. Barnabas as a Eucharistic Minister is invited to attend Initial Training for New Eucharistic Ministers. These training programs include prayer, reflection and praxis where participants will explore what it means to be an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist in the 21st century. Upon completion of the initial training, a third session will be held at St. Barnabas to cover the specifics of being a Eucharistic minister at our parish. Please contact Kitty Ryan at 773-779-1166 ext. 226.



If you are currently serving as a Eucharistic Minister at your high school, you are eligible to serve at St. Barnabas. We would love to have you join our ministry of Eucharistic Ministers. Please contact Kitty Ryan at [email protected] ext. 226 to be included on the Eucharistic Minister schedule.