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Buckeye Scholarship

St. Barnabas Buckeye Scholarship (a/k/a Education Fund) is funded primarily by contributions made in the yellow Education Fund envelopes during the regular Sunday collection along with 50% of Market Day profits. To sustain the Fund’s ongoing purpose to assist families who experience financial hardship, no more than 5% of the Fund’s principal balance can be factored annually into the Assistance Formula delineated below.

The Marketing Committee of St. Barnabas’ School Board strives to maintain and raise community awareness and financial commitment to the Fund.

Amount Available for Annual Distribution Available Buckeye Scholarship for each school year is based on a five-year average of income to the Fund plus/minus change in market value.

  • The annual figure will be computed in February of each fiscal year.

  • The Buckeye Scholarship Committee makes assistance decisions based on available funds and number of requests. Any and all financial assistance accorded by this Committee will defray St. Barnabas tuition costs only.