Imagine. Innovate. Inspire. Campaign

Fr. Jim Donovan
  |   Pastor

Why is the parish undertaking the Imagine Campaign?  Life is simpler when we remain the same. The buildings have served the community well for the last half  century--why change? I am sure any homeowner knows when it is time to invest, downsize, or just let the new owners worry about it.  In some sense, we are both the  old owners and new owners of this parish community, and it is our responsibility to do what it takes to give our school and our students what they need for continued success. The elders tell stories of going out on one Sunday to get pledges to build the “new church” in 1968. Only one Sunday! Can you believe it? Someone had the vision and determination to make that dream into a reality.

Our current project has taken years of imagining and vision to get to this point.  The reason we are undertaking this project is the same reason the last generation was inspired to build the Church. St. Barnabas is a flourishing part of the Beverly community and an anchor of Catholicism both in worship and education. We want our children to become the leaders of the next generation. I marvel at the accomplishments of so many of our young parishioners.  The sacrifices you make for your children know no bounds. You want the best for them and are willing to do anything for them. 

Education is the foundation to this success. We as a parish and school community recognize the need to set the pace rather than simply keep up with it. The creation of this new and innovative learning space is critical to remaining a leader in Catholic education. Of course, none of this makes any sense unless we remain a faith-based community. None of this makes any sense or is worth a penny if it is only about being number one. We live in God’s world. We have been given so many gifts and much is expected of us.  Do we accept both the invitation and the responsibility of being the best servants of God that we can be?

I thank you greatly for your support and for helping to make this project possible.